• Historic house

     In Dar kasbah You will be surprised by the decoration of our hotel, feeling its history by the stairs and everything returns to decades and of course you will like the rooms by their simplicity .

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Dar El Kasbah

"Bab Theatro" 

12, street Kasbah

Tél:+212 (0)5 39 37 13 71 

Fax: +212 (0)5 39 33 02 08

Email: contact@dar-kasbah.com





excursions's Prices




Excursions Available


Visit 2h Cape Spartel + caves

250 dhs

(Go back)

650 dhs

Chaouen + Tétouan
(Go back)

850 dhs

 (Go back)

750 dhs

Visit Strait Gibraltar

650 dhs

Visit Asilah+ Grottes + Cap Spartel

550 dhs

Visit the Roman city LEXUS near the town of Larache + Visite d’Asilah

750 dhs

Visit the new port Med

250 dhs


140 dhs

Station and port

60 dhs


NB : To book, please announce it to the hotel reception, the maximum capacity of a taxi is 5 persons.

For example: 5 people who want to visit Cape Spartel and the Caves of Hercules will pay 250 dhs .