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    Faithful to the spirit of the era, each room combines modern comforts with the charm of an English construction and contemporary decor. Single double or quadruple, from 18 to 35 m², the rooms overlooks the medina or harbors and the sea


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Dar El Kasbah

"Bab Theatro" 

12, Street Kasbah

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Dar Kasbah, guest house in Tangier Legend


In 1884, with the development of the telegraph, through English society Eastern Telegraph Company have connected Tangier and Gibraltar by a telegraph cable. They built the present building of Dar El Kasbah to set up their offices and accommodate their guests.




Tangier, an international city in its history, is a city full of surprises, located on the Strait of Gibraltar, between the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic Ocean, it has a rich history and unique geography. Its people speaks better Spanish than French or an Arab, you will quickly feel at ease. This city will welcome you with the rules with its picturesque medina, its beautiful beaches, and so much to see. at your arrival, we will guide you to the most beautiful places in the city, the medina's close to the hostel, or 5 minutes to downtown. We will organize city tours, excursions if you wish, or if you just want accurate, please tell us, we do our best to exhausser your wishes. our guest house has 14 rooms in a wooded style,  You can enjoy a mint tea in the patio, or just sit and read on the terrace with a magnificent view over the city. You will be well settled into our rooms as well as each other, with every comfort.